Harry Lichtman

Oyster River Tidal Marsh

Lustrife - Great Bay

Spring's Calling

Spring's Tidings - Pemigewasset Wilderness

Lonesome Lake - Edge of Dreams

Wave Rider

Spring Revival

Spring Greens - Pemigiwasset Wilderness

Daybreak - Mount Washington Valley

Wooly Violet

Spring's Bloom

Saco Embers

Swim Hole - Saco River

Ruby Range - 1st Light

Chocorua Dreams II

Pyramid Peak

Floral Brook - Independance Pass

Approaching Storm - Ice Lake Bsin

Spring Rush - Missouri Basin

Aspen Daisy Grove

Fucia Paintbrush

Luna in Repose

Spring Jewel

Nwcastle Charm

Painted Trillium

High Watch Preserve at Sundown

Lupine Valley - Dry River Drainage

Lupine Cliffs

Mountain Ash & Birch



Wheelright Pond - Autumn Frosting


Autumn's Embrace

Autumn Fading - Crawford Notch

Dallas Divide - Autumn Brillance

Early Winter - Grand Teton

Schwabacker Landing


Autumn Rush - Ammonoosuc River

New England Classic

Last Light over the Pemigewasset Wilderness

Snow Splash - Mount Deception

Guardians of the Notch

Autumn Calling

Arethusa Falls

Autumn Cascade - Swift River

Hillside Burning II

River Dance


Cones and Berries

Merrymetting Marsh - High Color

Hillside Burning I - North Percy Peak

Davis Brook Falls

Autumn's Last Stand

Alpine Colors - Pemigewasset Wilderness

Raradise Road

Passing Storm - Garfield Ridge

Winter Dusting - Mt. Washington

Winter Grandeur - The Mount Washington Hotel

Among the Aspen

Last Stand

Winter's Arrival - Saco River


Winter Solstice

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