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Milou / Women Management (Paris)





Name: Milou Agency: Women Management (Paris) Age: 20 Height: 177cm (5'9") Place of Origin: Holland, Den Helder. Ethnic Origin: 100% Dutch. Birthsign: Aries. How discovered: Walking on the street. (Also, with A Models Amsterdam) Favorite things: Having a nice drink with my friends in the park, hippies, and being at home with my girlfriends. Lovely. Favorite music, band: I like rock...and I think my fav bands are: Uh Huh Her and Sleater-Kinney; the song: Milkshake 'n' Honey...dowloaded it and playing it really loud. That's what I love to do. Person you'd love to meet and why: Kate Moenning, she has the greatest style and is the hottest woman on earth. Favorite animal: I always wanted a little piggy. Hobbies: My life is one big hobby. I almost love everything that I do. Favorite foods: Fish. Movie you want to see next: "Juno," 'cause I love the music in it. The Moldy Peaches are fun. Place you'd love to visit: A nice park to hang out and have a drink, and the beach. Currently you're obsessed about: Obsessions are no good haha, but I currently love playing guitar. My dad can play and he is teaching me now. Yeaaah!!