FOSS4G SEOUL 2015 프리젠테이션 제출

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FOSS4G SEOUL 2015 프리젠테이션 제출


9월 14일부터 19일까지 서울에서 개최되는 '오픈소스 GIS 분야 국제 컨퍼런스 FOSS4G' SEOUL 2015.


오픈소스 GIS 분야 국제 컨퍼런스 'FOSS4G' SEOUL 2015 소개


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저도 프리젠테이션을 제출한 상태인데요, 오는 5월 25일부터 6월 5일까지 '커뮤니티 투표(Community Voting)'를 통해 최종 발표자가 선정됩니다.



An open source GIS application for scientific national park management



This presentation introduces application cases of open source GIS for scientific national park management in Korea. Korea National Park Service (KNPS) is a public organization that manages almost all domestic national parks. GIS is a core technology for the park management, but the cost of commercial software had been limited the diffusion of GIS. Now, park rangers of KNPS are using QGIS that is a representative open source geospatial software, and they make themselves various GIS and remote sensing-based maps. For this, KNPS launched a QGIS education program for employee training. As a result, they started making maps using QGIS and many useful plugins, including Animove for QGIS, Semi-Automatic Classification Plugin (SCP), and Oceancolor Data Downloader. A variety of natural resources maps can be made from GPS field data, and time-series satellite images can be processed into climate change effect maps such as forest health, sea surface temperature (SST). Moreover, a graphical modeler feature of QGIS enables an automatic data processing. The Drone Flight Simulator called Park Air System, is also being developed using open source geospatial libraries. Using QGIS, KNPS makes all geospatial data like a trail, facility, and natural resources and is opening to the public freely. KNPS won the President’s Prize in 2014 for the hard work.