Vasily Maximov(1844~1911)의 미술작품

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Vasily Maximov(1844~1911)의 미술작품


Vasily Maximov


Dreams of the future. 1868

Motherhood. 1871

Fees for a walk. 1869

Sewing dowry. 1866

The blind owner. 1884

Garden of the house of the Tretyakov. 1877

Self-portrait and portraits of friends. 1864

Survived the old woman. 1896

Everything in the past 1889

oil on canvas cm 72h94

Who's that in 1879

oil on canvas

Following the example of their elders. 1864

In his band. 1891

After the mass. 1891

Dobredet know. 1896

The girl at the barn. 1874

The rooms

The boy mechanic. 1871

The only teacher

Hall of rye. 1903

The future artist. 1899

Fitting the robe 1878

Oil on canvas

With a diploma. 1890

The patient's husband. 1881

Inside view of the house in 1869

Red corner in the house. 1869

Girl. 1866

Family section. 1876

Old wives' tales. 1867

Poor dinner. 1879

Inside view of the house. 1869

The peasant hut. 1869

Forest keeper. 1896

Heard. 1864

At the monastery fence