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GIAT의 포탑을 조합해서 만든 T-21 포탑이라고 한다. 보기에는 걍 르끌레르 포탑과 거의 유사하다. 전면에 반응장갑이 달린거 같은데.... T-72M2 Moderna와 비슷하게 생겼다.


어차피 KONSTRUKTA라는 회사가 슬로바키아 회사라서 같을 수 밖에 없을지도 모르겠지만.... 


근데 실제로 이런 개조가 진행되는지 모르겠다.








 France's Giat Industries has teamed with DMD of the Slovak Republic to explore the feasibility of designing a low-profile turret armed with Giat's 120mm smoothbore gun and autoloader, developed for the Leclerc, to provide a cost-effective modernisation package for older main battle tanks (MBTs).


The proposed T-21 turret is intended for installation on T-72 series MBTs, therefore replacing the Soviet-built 125mm gun, and older Western MBTs such as the M60 and the Leopard 1, which are armed with 105mm guns. The T-21 weighs 15 tons compared to 18 tons for the Leclerc turret.


Compared to the Leclerc's autoloader, which carries 22 120mm rounds, the T-21 would carry 18 rounds. Another compromise would be a reduced level of armour protection, as at 15 tons it is not possible to guarantee 360° protection against hollow-charge warheads and protection against kinetic-energy rounds on the frontal arc. To limit weight, frontal protection has been reduced.


The fire-control system is a derivative of that of the Leclerc, as are many other components, while the electronic system is of the open architecture type, allowing easy interfacing with countermeasure and battlefield management systems chosen by the customer.


"We are able to provide nations that have numerous tanks with good chassis and outdated turrets with a modern tank that cost a fraction of that of a new MBT with 120mm armament," said a Giat source. Cost reduction is also linked to maintaining existing logistical support for the chassis, and retaining support equipment such as recovery vehicles and bridgelayers. (Source: Giat)





KONSTRUKTA-Defence and GIAT Industries


We signed a Cooperation Agreement with GIAT Industries to develop a new NATO compatible medium weight tank turret to be integrated on T-72, M60, and LEOPARD 1 tanks. The new turret, code name T-21, is to be equipped with a 120 mm NATO gun with autoloader made by GIAT Industries for LECLERC tank. Feasibility Analysis for T-72 tank has already been carried out including preliminary design of the T-21 turret. The turret represents a cost effective solution for modernization of existing T-72, M60, and LEOPARD 1 fleets that are now obsolete and require modernization. We strive to make sure that the turret is designed in the way so that minimum adjustments are required on either one of the above chassis to decrease the costs of modernization as much as possible. T-21 is fully modular with open architecture ensuring future growth potential. Despite all the efforts we both, KONSTRUKTA-Defence and GIAT Industries, invested into the project we currently experience a slow down in the progress perhaps due to the shrinking national defense budgets. We still believe though that the need for T-21 type of solution is there.

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