Annora Spence / With

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Annora Spence / With








Annora Spence  (United Kingdom, B.1963)





Playing Dominoes





Playing Cards





Walking on The Balcony










Lady With Accordion





Waiter And Giraffe





Lady With Cello





The Skipping Rope 





Leap Frog





Circus Musicians 





Three Dogs In A Car





Car And Camera





Playing Tennis





The White Hut





In The Park





The Rickshaw





Bicycle And Giraffe





White Horse





Through The Hoop





Musician In A Boat





The Racing Car





On The Bus





Woman on A Swing





Dog on A Swing





Lady And Pig





Yellow Bus





Green Car





Green Bus





Dog In A Wheelbarrow





Cart And Horse





Bird In The Garden










Man In A Wheelbarrow





Lady on Unicycle





Waiter on The Horse





On The Tightrope





Beach Hut





Bird And Violin





Two Lodies In A Car





The Bar










Pram In The Park





Fishing In The Boat





Two Men on A Horse





Walking The Goat





Tall Giraffe





Dog In The Garden





A Man And Two Dogs





The Gardener





Musical Bird





Flower For The Bird





Man With Bird Cage





Musician And Cat










The Piano





Playing Golf





Dog In A Basket





Dog And Yo-To





Walking The Birds





Dog on Bus





Bird Man





Lady With A Red Skirt  





Waiting In The Car





Pink Cadillac





On The Sofa





Dog With A Vase Of Flowers





Man And Bird





Man And Dog





Dog With Blue Collar





Dog With Green Collar





Ted (Dog)





Scot (Dog)











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